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Surveying, Installation & Commissioning

Here at ISL, not only do we supply and manufacture a wide range of products, we are also able to support our customers even further by offering site survey, installation and commissioning services.

Site Surveys

By undertaking a site survey, we can gather accurate information relating to your specific needs. Once the required information has been collected, a standard product could possibly be selected or alternatively it will allow our in-house design department to determine a suitable product for your installation.


Once the design and manufacturing processes are complete, if required, our experienced site personnel can assist or undertake the installation of our products at your chosen location throughout the world. Our site team are highly qualified and have experience working in both onshore and offshore installations.


A full commissioning service can also be provided on both new and refurbished installations. This service will ensure that our products have not only been installed correctly, but also to see the start-up of your installation goes smoothly and without unnecessary problems.

Although we have developed our products over the years and have an exceptional record of reliability, on occasion we do get asked to supply an extended warranty on certain products. This is a service we are happy to supply and should you require further information we would be happy to discuss your specific requirements in greater detail.