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The Beryl Alpha platform is a fixed condeep gravity based structure (GBS) located in Block 9/13a in the UK sector of the North Sea approximately 335 km north east of Aberdeen. It is located some 8 kilometers south of the Beryl Bravo platform at a water depth of 117.5 metres.

The Beryl Alpha began production in 1976 and comprises a main GBS production platform; a bridge linked steel four legged Riser Access Tower (RAT) and bridge linked flare tower.

Risers for flowlines serving subsea wells in the Beryl area, gas import risers from the Beryl Bravo platform and Gryphon field FPSO, as well as the gas export riser to the SAGE export pipeline, all access the Beryl Alpha at the RAT.

Isolated Systems supplied ‘Off Shore Service Teams’ who carried out site surveys, repairs and replacement ,‘Flexible Connections and Expansion Joints’ to and for ‘Gas Turbines’ located on the Rigs.