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Calcium Silicate Insulation

Calcium Silicate Insulation

Calcium Silicate Insulation

Calcium Silicate High Temperature Pipe Insulation

ISL’s Calcium Silicate High Temperature Pipe Insulation provides high quality pre-formed insulation for pipe assemblies in hot process applications, where fire protection and/or personal protection is required.

Manufactured from non-combustible calcium silicate, with an upper temperature limit of 1000°C (1832°F) with an outer weather protection of anti static silicone coated glass fibre fabric, which is waterproof and UV resistant.

The product consists of pre-fabricated shells that close around pipework straights, elbows, flanges and valves, insulating and also reducing breakout noise with only one layer of 40mm insulation, which means less weight and more space.
Environmentally friendly insulation manufactured from a unique blend of mineral components, which does not contain any toxic ingredients, asbestos, formaldehyde or ammonia. Furthermore the calcium silicate is PH-neutral.

The pre-formed construction cuts site installation working hours because cladding with steel afterwards is unnecessary, reducing site costs significantly.


Factory applied UV and weather resistant silicone coated glass fabric, color black.

Core Material

Calcium silicate, density 245Kg/m3.


The total thickness of the insulation is approximately 44mm.


Tongue and groove longitudinal joints and spigot ends in the core material ensure a waterproof installation, the outer facing has a overlapping flap adhered with specially developed adhesive.


Reducers breakout noise (If a high standard of acoustic insulation is necessary - please see our acoustic section).

Handling and storage

Easy to trim ends, add pipe penetrations etc with an ordinary saw or knife. It is much easier and faster to install than conventional wool or glass with steel cover. The items should be stored in a dry and clean environment before use.  Wipe any marks off with a moist cloth after assembly.


Does not require maintenance after installation. Can be removed easily for inspection and re-fitted, does not wear down the pipes due to vibration.

Health and safety

During installation, any cutting will not release dangerous or harmful particles into the air that might damage the respiratory, mucous membranes or skin of the installers, because some dust will occur, we still recommend wearing a face mask. A separate safety data sheet is available upon request.


½” to 24” pipe sizes available as standard, other sizes available, please call or email.


As standard the system comes with 90 degree bends, however 45 degree bends and special angles can be supplied, please call or email.

Technical details

Full technical details are available upon request, please call or email.