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Turbine Body, Diffuser and Exhaust Collector Insulation

Turbine Structures Insulation

Turbine Body, Diffuser and Exhaust Collector Insulation

Gas Turbine Structures Insulation

ISL’s Turbine Structures Thermal Insulation Jackets provide a pre-shaped high temperature flexible wrap-around cover, constructed from the highest quality heat resistant materials to suit the specific application required, typically used for gas turbine exhaust collectors, diffusers and turbine body insulation.

Typically constructed from an inner knitted stainless steel mesh and high temperature glass cloth with body soluble ceramic and glass needle matt insulation material and an outer grey silicone coated glass cloth, sewn in stainless steel thread. Fixing straps with ‘D’ rings and steel lacing hooks.

Options available to suit temperatures up to 1100°C.

On site surveys and installation service available.