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e Thermal

Turbine Structures Insulation

e Thermal

Gas and Marine Turbine Structures Insulation.

Isolated Systems design and build revolutionary Insulation Systems for the Offshore Oil & Gas Sector, and Marine Turbine sector, called 'e Thermal'.

Improving the performance of Turbine Body, Exhaust Collector and Diffuser.

We believe this to be the most efficient Turbine Structure Insulation available.

Using Synthetic Gel technology, which offers us additional Micro Porous and Hydrophobic benefits, combined with an encapsulation to give the product robustness and longevity, helps form the 'e Thermal System'.

Our designs are fully integrated and bespoke to each application, satisfying critical criteria such as Acoustic, Thermal Management and up to 70% SPACE SAVING, over traditional insulation, all of which result in a benefit to the local environment.

Unit 2D & 3D CAD and CAM technology to prototype the design, resulting in PERFECT FIT solutions.

Heat Flow simulation and Acoustic Management software are used to calculate the impact of heat and noise predicted during operation.

Documentation is provided to satisfy the clients own requirements, including certification and testing.