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Acoustic Screens


Acoustic Screens


ISL offer a wide variety of acoustic screens and have a variety of standard designs and construction methods our design team is always producing new and innovative designs to facilitate our clients varied needs. Our screens are used in a diverse array of industries including HVAC, water & waste treatment, chemical industries, process engineering, off-shore, commercial and general manufacture. ISL works with architects, consultants, contractors, OEM’s & end users.



ISL design and manufacture many type of screens, the type of design depends up a variety of factors including acoustic performance, size, access, structural reasons and may other factors.

Although there are an infinite number of designs generally two standard designs are supplied;

Frameless, panel to panel construction, panels are mainly bolted or clipped together. This design is mainly used for close fit and smaller screens.

Panels bolted to a steel box section frame. This design is used for medium to large screens and offers a rigid structure.

There are two main standard panel constructions.

Solid/solid panel with mineral wool sandwiched between two solid sheets.

Solid/absorptive with mineral wool sandwiched between one solid sheet and one perforated sheet.


Acoustic Performance

All screen designs are primary designed to reduce the noise down to the required level. The noise reduction required and location will determine the type and thickness of panels/materials used, always with cost in mind. Full noise figures are available upon request.



There are a variety of options available the most common ones are listed below.

Doors – Single or double leaf and sliding doors

Finish – Self, powder coated or wet sprayed to standard RAL/BS no.

Windows – Viewing windows in polycarbonate or glass are available.



ISL have onshore and offshore trained site installers all hold CSCS cards.


Fixed Acoustic Screens

ISL design & manufacture fixed screens, close fitting internal screens to large outdoor screens.


Mobile Acoustic Screens

ISL also design & manufacture mobile acoustic screens which offer a flexible cost efficient method of screening.